Real Estate Document Management

Real Estate Document Management

To increase transaction time and quality care, real estate industries of all sizes need to have the ability to automate their operations. With our PinPoint Real Estate Document Management System, you will have easy access to your files and documents from anywhere, including from PC, MAC, iPad, and other tablet and smart phone devices.   

Using PinPoint, you will effectively and efficiently manage:

The founders of LSSP recognized that the inability to streamline business operations without staff intervention was significantly lowering the overall productivity and quality of real estate industries of all types and sizes.

PinPoint is a fully customizable, non-technical administrative approach to implementing a document management solution that is an exact fit for your organizational needs and procedures.

Real Estate Professionals

Store all of your documents in one centralized location. Scan documents as you receive them or once a transaction is closed. PinPoint automatically files documents without human intervention, and can even split documents and route them to their appropriate folders. Your documents are easily accessible from any location, on any device. With PinPoint, you have the ability to instantly retrieve any document through a secure browser from your office or on the go. Retrieval is performed through both content and metadata search, making it easy for you to locate information such as; buyer, seller, property address, policy number, loan number, transaction date, or any other customized field you want to search through. PinPoint enables you to electronically sign and send any document, allowing for a much faster transaction speed.

Quality Customer Service

With a Client/View Portal, allow your clients to view documents you give access to. Increase your customer service by making it easy on your clients. From the View Portal, your clients can upload any documentation needed and can even print the documents they need to keep. Built-in forms processing enables you to have clients fill out forms directly within the system, and gives you the ability to attach workflow and tracking for the form to be completed. Your clients can upload documents on the go and even submit work orders to be processed by your organization.

Productivity & Profitability

With PinPoint, will have the ability to define fields and types of documents, even change screen field names without programming to match your organizational procedures. PinPoint supports multiple languages for a multi-lingual organization. Allow clients to view only what you allow them to or do not allow any outside access, it is all defined by your organization. Built-in mail merge with our word processor allows quick and mass emails, filing into our database, or printing paper or electronic files. Our Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) is playing a vital role in helping companies of all sizes save money and continues to improve productivity by managing the storage, organization and retrieval of relevant information through an easy to use interface.


As a mobile ready document management system, PinPoint can be accessed from all smartphones (including iPhones, Androids, and Windows Phones) and tablets (including iPads, Android Tablets, and Kindle Fire). If your phone or tablet has a web browser and access to the internet, PinPoint will provide easy access to your data. PinPoint offers flexibility in which users can access data quickly from any location. Based on the permission you have set, each user can obtain file information with their mobile device and can follow through with their assigned tasks. Using the PinPoint Mobile App is fast and easy and is a great solution for doing your work on the go.

Key Features

  • Direct Scanning
  • Immediate access to client information
  • Productivity tracking and accountability
  • Faster response time for quality client support
  • Reduce paper and paper storage costs
  • Improve security and document integrity
  • OCR with Content Management
  • Document Recognition & Processing
  • Batch and Multiple Document Type Processing
  • Archival and Share Functions
  • Full Security and Audit Trails, including quick view of complete document lifecycle
  • Workflow with automatic notification and supervisor monitoring
  • Document Retention Management
  • Check-in/Check-out Functions
  • Document Version Management
  • Annotations and Redactions of any document format (scanned or electronic files)
  • Mail-Merge with content of documents or subjects

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