HealthCare Document Management

Health Care Document Management

For organizations to stay effective and efficient in the healthcare industry, they must be able to easily manage and control their daily business procedures. Using PinPint HealthCare Document Management, you will save both time and money.

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Using PinPoint, you will have the ability to effectively:

  • Manage patient records
  • Accelerate payment cycles
  • Enhance your business processes by eliminating the time spent to manually retrieve and file critical information. 

LSSP was founded by veterans of the health care industry who recognized that the inability to streamline business operations without staff intervention was significantly lowering the overall productivity and quality of industries of all sizes.

PinPoint is a fully customizable, non-technical administrative approach to implementing a document management solution that is an exact fit for your organizational needs and procedures.

PinPoint HealthCare includes the following Document Control Centers (use any or all):

Automation for Hospitals

In order to manage a productive hospital, the ability to streamline workflow processes automatically is crucial.

PinPoint allows you to assign workflows based on document types and route to users to notify them that there is a task waiting for them to perform. You will have the ability to update status and comments along the way, and also reassign workflow tasks at any time.

With supervisor reports, you can ensure that the workflow continues to move and is never delayed. Administrators can assign workflow to groups and users they create as needed. Administrators can also add comments to content throughout the workflow using tools such as sticky notes or metadata notes that are associated with any particular document. The assigned Supervisor for a given workflow can review any and all documents that are not completed, in progress and/or overdue.

Patient Records

PinPoint follows all compliance rules and regulations for HIPAA Requirements

When it comes to Medical Billing, you can improve response time by receiving faster collections, even decrease costs by quickly connecting staff to important patient information. 

With built-in Mail-Merge with our word processor, allow for quick and mass emails to be sent with easy to use and easy to set up full security settings and rights.

With Content, Version, Workflow, Retention and Forms management all built-in, capture any and all records whether paper or already electronic. PinPoint captures metadata and content directly from the file to determine the location within you patient Folders.

Scan directly into the system or route electronic documents directly without physically printing or scanning. Through the use of the automatic sweeper application (ARIE) users can drag-and-drop files directly into the system and have them filed automatically. Even have batch and multiple type documents can be scanned or imported automatically to be broken up and filed properly.

Case Management

As the need for community based health and mental health services continues to rise, so does the need for a reliable solution to complete and store necessary documentation for payment from insurance companies and/or city and state grants. Consider PinPoint your one stop shop for users on the go; store your organization’s forms in one location for all to access, making timely completion of assessments, progress notes, annual reviews, etc., an easy to use task.

PinPoint can also allow for the migration of all documents and forms into one client folder, ideal for community health centers and/or health homes that provide services across all disciplines of health care.This allows for a continuity of care for all clients that is not easy to achieve with other applications. Further, delayed billing is now a thing of the past, as our workflow provides immediate notification to all departments when a form is ready to submit for payment.

Reminders and merge letters are also a portion of the PinPoint HealthCare system, and can be used by staff. A dashboard reminder screen, showing tasks to be performed and notifications are displayed. This can be a crucial help ensuring that all paperwork is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Instantly search a complete patient chart for any content while on your table and seeing your patients with automatic filing of all patient reports from your EMR and Billing system.

Access from PC, MAC, Smart phones, iPad, etc… from anywhere.

Medical Groups

Content management for medical groups allows staff to find information from the actual document, whether it is through metadata, keywords, or other field attribute information. Full content indexing is performed as well for user input. All fields for the document types can be defined by the administrator(s) from your organization. Users can file multiple documents at once without even having to login.

Full OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is also performed on over 400 file formats, so users can search documents based on the content that was imported, including Word, Word Perfect, Excel, TXT, and all scanned documents.

Retrieval is fast and very easy to look up information and files. Perform “Relative Queries” for special projects and reporting without having to take up the time that you need to spend on your core responsibilities at your job. Acquire your files anytime from any location, with multiple retrieval screens where users can select how they want to search for documents. Within their search, users can filter and drill down their documents based on metadata and content making it very easy to locate any specific material for documents. Once a document is selected, users can view a full history report pertaining to that document and can view any and all versions for that document. 

Complete versioning is built into the PinPoint application, which allows users to review versions of any particular document that they have the rights to view, and have the option of replacing the original or saving multiple versions.

Key Features

  • Direct Scanning
  • Immediate access to patient information
  • Productivity tracking and accountability
  • Faster response time for quality patient care
  • Reduce paper and paper storage costs
  • Improve security and document integrity
  • OCR with Content Management
  • Document Recognition & Processing
  • Batch and Multiple Document Type Processing
  • Archival and Share Functions
  • Full Security and Audit Trails, including quick view of complete document lifecycle
  • Workflow with automatic notification and supervisor monitoring
  • Document Retention Management
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Check-in/Check-out Functions
  • Document Version Management
  • Annotations and Redactions of any document format (scanned or electronic files)
  • Mail-Merge with content of documents or subjects

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