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 Tips & Tricks

  • Filter by multiple folder fields from the Folder Details locating screen:

    Menu>Locating>Folder Details

    • Choose the Cabinet you would like to open, then click Search.
    • Fill in as many folder fields as you need to filter for the specific folder(s) you are looking for.
    • Click Search above once ready to filter.
      Multi-Field 1
      Multi-Field 2


  • Administrators can now use the ARIE Folder Load function internally through the Manage Folders screen under the Setup menu (Cloud Only):

    Menu>Admin>Setup>Manage Folders

    • Select the Cabinet you would like to load folders to.
    • Click Upload Folders to load in the spreadsheet you prepared for the ARIE Folder Load.
    • For more information on how to get your spreadsheet ready for the folder load, please see our ARIE Folder Load page in the PinPoint online manual.upload folders


  • Perform Multi-Fx Action Requests:

    • On every locating screen there is an Fx action menu. Users can perform single document actions by clicking on the Fx button in the same column as a document, or can select multiple documents on a page and use the multiple Fx action button (the one located by itself above the “Action” button) to perform an action on multiple documents at once.
    • For more information on the various Fx actions, including short videos, please visit the Fx Action Menu page in our online manual.
      Fx Menu

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