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The Study Of Electronic Document Management
Purpose- There are many businesses aligned and their strategy and operation the based framework of integrated management system that allows them to merge more quality, environment, health, and safety management systems. Having a robust electronic DMS is through different work cultures. For EDMS it depends on the organizations needs, size and resource allocation. We are discussing the interrelation between EDMS and DMS to show the best practice.
Findings and Originally/Value-There is improvement and effectiveness has been overlooked as a key factor in EDMS. There’s a factor in establishing appropriate technological support of the IMS process. It is important to have the right technical support. Especially while having the right application of EDMS.
Research limitations/implications-DMS needs a stronger perspective of the technological limitations and potentials of basing IMS on EDM.
Practical implications-IMS are a very complex system that do involve a larger number of administrative functions. EDMS does provide a formal representation with automation potentials both storing and securing documents.

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