PinPoint v3.75 Enhancements

  • Sorting (both ascending and descending)
    • Users now have the ability to sort text fields on all screens where available.
  • Metadata Sorting
    • Users will have the ability to sort metadata text fields on the following screens: Manage Folders, Folder Details, Document View.
  • New Workflow Screen Filters
    • While using the Workflow screens, users can now filter by workflow task, content and document metadata.
  • DocuSign Integration
    • PinPoint integration with DocuSign will include the ability to send a document with a signature request and for ARIE to be able to retrieve documents upon completion and be automatically imported. 
  • Auto Form Filler
    • ARIE will now be able to fill in a PDF form you have in PinPoint, based on document and folder metadata. In other words, when document metadata is filled in for a specific document or folder metadata is available, based on the setup, ARIE will know which field on the form belongs to which metadata field.
  • PinPoint Desktop Assistant (Filing via ARIE or Drag & Drop) – COMING SOON, not available at v3.75 launch
    • There will be an option to file documents into PinPoint via ARIE and/or direct Drag & Drop without having to be logged into PinPoint. You currently have this ability now, though to utilize ARIE outside of PinPoint, you would either must use Dropbox (cloud), or the ARIE Input folders created on your ARIE server (self-host).
    • An invitation to participate in a beta test of the PinPoint Desktop Assistant will be sent out within a few weeks of the v3.75 release.
  • Time-Saving Additions
    • The system will remember the previous metadata filled in when adding multiple documents one at a time via the File Single Document screen.
    • New Search Optimization – faster searching capabilities
  • Workflow added to Gallery View & Content Search
    • Users who are assigned workflow tasks will be able to use the Gallery View or the Content Search to manage multiple workflows at once. In the current version (3.5), users can manage multiple workflows under the My Workflow screen in their menu.
  • QuickBooks Integration – coming in the v3.75F release in the next several weeks
    • PinPoint integration with QuickBooks includes the ability to push and pull information to and from both applications.

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