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As alarming as some of these numbers are, the fact that most expenses that can be recovered by the use of a Document Management System is based on retrieval. Retrieval of information by office staff can take an average of 7 minutes to retrieve. Statistics also show that that type of staff member retrieve information 4 times an hour. That accounts for over 40% of their day. eDrawer is inexpensive document management software that will meet the needs of your company.

Average totals of lost or unproductive time equates to as much as 70% for each staff member. Documents now take seconds to retrieve and lost or misplaced documents are not possible in the Document Management Repository of eDrawer.

Here is the basic ROI for a 5 user system:Document Management

  • Based on 5 users at an average salary of $35,000 annually, equates to $14,583 per month for all 5 staff (not including taxes)
  • 40% of retrieval time is recovered by the use of eDrawer for your staff. So the savings for this alone is $5,833 per month.*
  • Distribution of information is calculated at 20% of the work day. This savings equates to $2,916 per month.*
  • Misplaced, not available at certain times, or lost information equates to 5% or a savings of $729 per month.*
  • This is NOT taking consumable costs into account.
  • Using eDrawer’s Smart Scan Technology, the system can take today’s mail for example and file it by scanning in a big stack of different documents into the right location automatically.
  • eDrawer files all email, reports, faxes, electronic files, and any files, not just paper.
  • Savings from this 5 user example is $9,478 a month, and your staff can do other things to help you organization, rather than these tedious tasks.

*Based on statistics from The Gartner Group.

by Errick Anthony

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