Document Management Procedures

What Are Document Management procedures?

Document creation
Who creates a document and how a document is created, are determined by the document is created.
Document review and approval
Who reviews, and approves a document and how modifications are recorded. They are all spelled out in the the document control procedure. This also includes quality assurance principals that require documents can be reviewed for accuracy.
Document Revisions
After a document becomes final and approved they often will need change. especially for the future. These type of procedures can identify who can initiate or request revisions and who can implement them.
Document Publishing
When documents are final and approved the document management procedures define the steps of how and where a document is published. Publishing requirements may indicate or request revisions.
Document Obsoleting
Obsoleting documents or their removal from availability, is another process outline in document control procedure.
Benefits Of Document Control Procedures
You want to make sure everything is up to date. Also, it is important that the document you are using is approved and being used as a key benefit of document control procedures. If there is documents that are out f date or no longer accurate, can cause issues. It’s good to keep them up to date so there will be no issues One thing that is important is, Unapproved, or out dated procedures, uncontrolled documents, inaccessible or lost files are some of the more prevent audit finding that can occur without control procedures.

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