PinPoint v3.75 Enhancements

Sorting (both ascending and descending) Users now have the ability to sort text fields on all screens where available. Metadata Sorting Users will have the ability to sort metadata text fields on the following screens: Manage Folders, Folder Details, Document View. New Workflow Screen Filters While using the Workflow screens, users can now filter by workflow task, content and document metadata. DocuSign Integration PinPoint integration with DocuSign will include the ability to send a document with a signature request and for ARIE to be able to retrieve documents upon completion and be automatically imported.  Auto Form Filler ARIE will now be able to fill in a PDF form you have in PinPoint, based on document and folder metadata. In other words, when document metadata is filled in for a specific document or folder metadata is available, based on the setup, ARIE will know which field on the form belongs to which metadata field. PinPoint Desktop Assistant (Filing via ARIE or Drag & Drop) – COMING SOON, not available at v3.75 launch There will be an option to file documents into PinPoint via ARIE and/or direct Drag & Drop without having to be logged into PinPoint. You currently have this ability now, though to utilize ARIE outside of PinPoint, you would either must use Dropbox (cloud), or the ARIE Input folders created on your ARIE server (self-host). An invitation to participate in a beta test of the PinPoint Desktop Assistant will be sent out within a few weeks of the v3.75 release. Time-Saving Additions The system will remember the previous metadata filled in when adding multiple documents one at a time via the File Single Document screen. New Search Optimization – faster searching capabilities Workflow added to Gallery View & Content Search Users who are assigned workflow tasks will be able […]

PinPoint Tips & Tricks

Gallery View While using the Gallery View locating screen, when you have documents open in your gallery, clicking on the document image will open a quick view of the document on the right-side of the screen, though if you click on the document name instead, the document will open in the File/Review screen in a new tab. Workflow “Task Decision” Workflow tasks can be set up to contain a decision the user must make. This means that a user will need to choose “Option 1” or “Option 2”, which will automatically route the workflow to the proper step.To set a workflow task as a “task decision”, click on the specific task under the “Task Details” when managing your workflow. Once you have opened the task, use the “Option 1” and “Option 2” drop-downs to choose which workflow is triggered when each option is chosen. When users are assigned task decisions, they will be given the option to choose which new workflow path the document should go on. Content search This is your “catch-all” search. The Content Search is a global search and is another way to include an OCR search, while also searching on various other criteria. For example: Cabinet Type, Document Type, date range, subdivider, and tags).To watch a short video on the Content Search option, click here.  

PinPoint Weekly Training Offered at No Cost!

As you may know, LSSP offers weekly training classes that all users can register for at any time, as many times as needed, at no additional charge. These classes are the best way to keep you up-to-date with what is new in your system, and is a tool to use as a refresher for some of the features you may not use often. We urge everyone to sign up! Register any time at: PinPoint User Training (Beginner) This kickoff to your PinPoint training will cover simple, day-to-day functions of the system, and is intended for the everyday user. Learn how to file documents, retrieve documents and mark-up documents with comments. In addition, learn how to set your own personal preferences within the system. PinPoint Admin Training (Beginner) In this class, learn the nuts and bolts of the PinPoint infrastructure. We’ll show you how to add users and assign security permissions to users/user groups, as well as the filing hierarchy and how to setup each folder-level. PinPoint ARIE Training – Automated Filing This advanced class will discuss the setup and use of ARIE, PinPoint’s automated filing feature. Learn the different types of ARIE filing, how to create a distribution rule, and which ARIE filing function(s) works best for your organization. Weekly Q&A Sessions PinPoint Q&A The PinPoint Q&A sessions are for all users to attend. These sessions give you the opportunity to ask one of our PinPoint experts any questions you have in regards to working with PinPoint. Q&A sessions are live sessions and are offered two to three times per week. Please select the date and time that works best for you.

PinPoint 3.5 Enhancments

We are excited to announce some new items that have been added to PinPoint! PinPoint 3.5 Enhancments To view a short presentation video, please click here . Emailing from the DMS side of PinPoint Now you can place contact and account emails to your folders, so the system can automatically email many documents to many different people automatically without having to select who to send to each time. When multiple documents are selected from multiple folders, the system can send each document to the email that has been saved for that folder. PinPoint Bridge – Integration Now with just one click of a button, users can quickly link documents between multiple applications. Additional features are added into Connectors. Connectors will be added as on-going, but first we will have QuickBooks, DocuSign and SalesForce. Even WITHOUT connectors you can bridge your files from all other applications. Workflow Decision Mode Workflow can be set up for tasks to contain a decision. This means that a user will need to choose “Yes” or “No”, which will automatically route the workflow to the proper step. New Reports added to CRM and DMS Summation of CRM (from Account or from Contact) Summation of DMS (Notes and Discussion from a set of selected documents) Contact report and export Account report and export Opportunity reporting Single Sign on (Optional) If you have already signed in under your Microsoft, Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account, you will not need to log into PinPoint, as the system will take you directly to your home screen.   For additional information, please register for an upcoming Q&A session through the PinPoint Customer Portal at any time!

PinPoint Enhancements on Radar

Here are the results from the enhancement survey. They are numbered in how they ranked based on your vote, starting with the highest ranked at number 1 The ability to use a customized “indicator word/phrase” instead of BULKMR to indicate a page break when using ARIE Multiple to import files. Simplify the creation and use of retention, including mass selection of a Cabinet or Folder for one retention. Bar code capability. Allow rearrangement of the Cabinet Field Names in Cabinet Setup. Creating Folders on the fly using distribution rules and a predefined template. Simplify syncing email with PinPoint. Simplify moving of documents from one fileroom to another. Simplify the editing of folders within a Cabinet. Ability to have a document in more than one folder without having to duplicate it. Subdividers on the folder level. Ability to retain your selected filter on a search screen. Simplify deleting subdividers within a Cabinet. A universal PDF viewer that doesn’t require either Chrome or Internet Explorer- allowing me to edit/sign PDFs once uploaded to PinPoint. Having more global search capabilities (being able to use any item to search at any time). Having nested folders (subfolders). Being able to use keyboard shortcuts such as “enter”, etc. Reducing the need to scroll to find your place again once you close a pop-up window (e.g. when using Drag and Drop). A preview pane so that when looking at a file in the folder you can see it without having to open it. We will be announcing the new enhancement release dates in an upcoming blog post on our website so be on the look-out!