Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Adding Folders from Browse Folders If you are in need of any new folders for your cabinets, there is a much quicker way to add folders when using the Browse Folders search under Locating. From the Browse Folders screen Menu>Locating>Browse Folders, simply click on the folder icon next to the cabinet you would like to add a folder to and fill in the metadata then save and exit. Did You Know? Workflows can now be set up for a delayed start rather than the moment a document hits the system. From the Document Type setup screen, instead of choosing your workflow under “Workflow”, select your workflow under “Delayed Workflow” and choose an amount in days for when you would like the workflow to begin. This will be the number of days after the entry date before the system will begin the workflow for that specific document type.   ARIE Queue   Admin > ARIE > ARIE Queue The ARIE Queue screen displays all present and past ARIE Requests. There are several requests that ARIE can do for you behind-the-scenes, which include OCR, Viewable Images, ARIE Batch, ARIE Single, ARIE Multiple, ARIE Native, E-Sign Requests, Cover Pages, Merging and Variable Naming. The ARIE Queue is only accessible through the ‘admin’ account. Change Priority: Click the Fx button in the same column as the ARIE Request you want to mark as a “High” priority. Click Change Priority, then change the priority to “High” and Submit (To change the priority for multiple process at once, select all you want to change the priority for, then use the Fx button above the “Action” checkbox). Change Status: Re-process “Failed” ARIE requests (individual) Change the Status column to “Failed”, then click Search above. Click the Fx button in the same column as the […]

What is Document Management?

Paperless systems allow for scanning, archiving, searching on criteria sets, workflow management, electronic audit keeping, retention maintenance, and compliant security. Productivity time is now down to seconds for finding documents, rather than hours. Correspondence is performed right from the desk, rather than moving to and from fax machines, and copiers. Policy and Procedures are reviewed and tested right at staff’s workstations, keeping them up with and changes and updates. Human Resource departments have all employee and potential employee information secure and all in one centralized data base, for easy access, and response. Insurance forms, legal issues, can be submitted directly from their desks, as well. The ideas of use, really become endless, and systems must be flexible enough to accommodate your business needs. The document management software must securely hold all documents, and any file type. Redundant documents should be trained once, so you can scan them and the software knows what to do with them. Scan directly into the document management software with OCR and automatic indexing. Audit log of all activity by users. Check-in/Check-out documents for remote processing. Unlimited users with no additional fees. Retention date settings and purging routines. Archive routines. Version management for documents. Remote access via Web. One touch search routine. Unlimited drawers, folders, and documents. Multiple file rooms for additional security. Multiple layers of security. Route any document or file from any Windows application without printing and scanning. Route Faxes and emails directly to the system without staff intervention. File documents in batches of multiple file types.  

Technical Support

Technical Support Service Support Hours Technicians are available from 8:30-4:30 CT Monday-Friday. Getting Support Visit our customer portal through our web site ( Make sure to include your company name, phone number, and detail of the issue. Up to two clients from every organization can submit tickets, as submissions from all users may cause communication problems. Your yearly renewal with LSSP covers access to our ticket support system. You can use the ticket support system to let us know when you are having an issue, or when you have a questions that needs to be addressed. Upon submission, our technicians will decide if the issue warrants a phone call or a remote session to better assist you, unless you are on one of the optional support packages Please be aware that the ticket support system is not a “How Do I Do This?” type of support. Those types of questions can be resolved by simply signing up for a Question and Answer session at no charge.  The Q&A class is live, so this is the forum to receive help for those types of questions. Any and all issues, besides “how do I ____” questions, will need to be submitted through our ticket system and will be addressed by our first available technician on a first come, first served basis. The technician will decide if your issue could best be solved by a phone call; otherwise, the issue will be handled through the ticket system/remote support. IMPORTANT: Please Note: You will need to create an account by clicking sign up in the upper right hand corner prior to submitting your first ticket, and that account will need to be verified. Tickets from unverified accounts are sent to a Suspended folder that is only monitored 1-2 times per day. Direct phone calls […]

Moving Toward an EDMS

Moving toward an EDMS can sometimes be intimidating to staff, due to the fact that change can be a difficult issue to deal with. Finding the right vendor that will allow you to work together with an EDMS specialist and build the infrastructure of your system based on your organization’s needs can be one of the most important building blocks in the success of your organization’s EDMS. With PinPoint, you will have someone with you every step of the way. You will be assigned your very own Project Manager who is responsible for training your staff, providing feedback, and assisting to build an infrastructure that accomplishes your business needs. In addition, your project manager is available to answer any questions at any time. With total organization and independence to retrieve, file and submit documents, you will improve cash flow as well as decision-driven staff, enabling a more compliant and efficient organization. PinPoint is playing a vital role in helping companies of all sizes save money and continues to improve productivity by managing the storage, organization and retrieval of relevant information through a simple user interface. PinPoint Document Management: Total Integration: Integration with all other applications Direct importing and exporting of Documents Route documents from your applications directly to our integrated solution without printing and scanning Built-in sweeper application running 24×7 with batch off-hours processing, and OCR over 400 file types XML, MS Access, CSV Importation Automatic search and locate from Other applications  PinPoint integrates with, but is not limited to: Dropbox Salesforce Google Drive OneDrive SharePoint QuickBooks GP Dynamics Adobe Create Suite AutoCAD by Errick Anthony

Make Paperless Make Sense

Paperless Office Software: Make Paperless Make Sense Organizations all over the world have come to realize the fact that paper will always cost them money. Between paper, ink, and other consumables, organizations have always felt that it was an expense that could never be trimmed. Consumable costs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost and expenses of using traditional filing systems. Productivity savers are where organizations such as yours will benefit. There are three tasks all office staff perform, and they are: Creation of information Distribution of information Retrieval of information Statistics show that documents that are created by someone are actually printed an average of 19 times in the document’s lifecycle. The creation of information is mandatory in all organizations and the type of documents created range from all types of formats and information. Distribution of information can be extremely tedious and when distributed incorrectly can cause many problems. Misplaced and lost information accounts for many lost hours and the distribution of incorrect information. Some of the statistics shown here are based on the distribution of information. The average organization: Makes 19 copies of each document Spends $20 in labor filing each document Spends $120 in labor searching for misfiled document Loses 1 out of every 20 documents Spends 25 hrs reproducing each lost document Spends up to $25k to fill and maintain a 4 drawer file cabinet by Errick Anthony