3.0 Enhancements/Release Date


LSSP is announcing our new and complete, built-in CRM coming in May!

A CRM is an app that helps you manage interactions with current and prospective customers. With a built-in CRM, you can link related messages together and find all messages from a contact with one quick search, while an address book can hold as much information about the contact as needed. This will allow you to string together relationships in their contacts, and to review notes and keep track of all conversations and necessary schedules. Regardless if it is being used for customers, vendors, employee management or other cabinets and folders for your entities, a CRM can keep track of all information quickly and easily. On the customer side, a CRM can also keep track of opportunities. Opportunities give you the ability to see forecasted sales opportunities with tickler alerts. This enables your organization to manage cases and track progress. Our new CRM will be very modern and easy to use, keeping everything at your fingertips.

There is no added charge for this new, built-in application.

Please also keep in mind that this CRM is not only for contacts, but for any entity. For example, a connection (Contact) can be an Employee or a Vendor, or even a Project /Job. The new module can be used for case management as well. Activities can be notes, meetings, calls, emails and more, including full trails of all the details. Set emails to be sent out to others at future dates with the email automation for reminders or campaigns. Opportunity tracking is built-in as well for those using this for clients.

At the end of April, we will be showing an overview of this powerful new tool for you through webinar presentations. Please be on the look out for those future classes at our weekly training page.

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