Document Management: Protecting Confidential Information

Document Management: Protecting Confidential Information It is so important to key an eye on things for your business. By, it is so important to consider to always secure and protect any type of sensitive information that you may have. With every type of business, you may have there is information that is kept between your business. Whether it be a type of information, money, etc.. You get the idea. There is many surveys saying that over 60% of large organizations that are leaking confidential information and it is possible that the percentage can get higher because companies are not seeing this all happen so quick. Having important information leak can be scary but it is important you take action on how to make sure it does not keep happening. Defining and enforcing policies and processes for who has authorized to be able to access, edit, and approve important documents for your company. Currently, people are now finding ways to prevent from this to continue happening and finding ways to make sure it doesn’t. Challenges of Enforcing Access Privileges in a Folder-Based DMS It is good to keep specific information in a traditional folder-based DMS. This way you not only know where to find it, but you know that is it kept safe and you could only access it yourself. These folder based approaches are inherently inflexible and restrictive because you can rely on information to reside in a single location which represents different versions of documents often reside in more than just one folder. Any type of issues regarding this can end up being solved with having folder-based approaches. Metadata For Secure and Automated Access Control Today there is a good amount of advances document management software solutions that offer new ways to derive access control setting when using metadata. […]

Facts About Having A Document Management System

Good Facts About Having A Document Management System Industry standards says its important to talk about document management systems because everyone company should have one for many reasons It is also important to do a lot of research about having a good document management in general. Having a document management system improves MANY businesses in so many ways. There is so many good benefits to back up as to why you should have one today. Here are some short examples to give you a brief idea: • Cloud access. • Intelligent organization • An attractive user interface. • A robust search feature • Version control • Permissions • Universal format support • Reduced physical storage

Benefits To Having a Document Management System

Benefits To Having a Document Management System: -We are quick to response to any of your questions -We have on-the go access from anywhere you are. Even if you are just on your cellphone! -Our Web applications can be compatible with multiple operating systems. We are a small team but now can work efficiently and even collaborate from any location that works for you. We have a great cloud based DMS. If you go on our website, you can schedule a live demo with which is super easy. You can get access to see what we do and could be great for your business. Why is it important to have a document management system? You can so much time storing a lot of things into your cloud instead of always having to store paper We are completely paperless, so this can save you so much more time as well. This also can help extended your business whether if you are a small, or big business. You can manage things of yours in one system. A document management system has so many benefits and ways to help with whatever business you are working for. What are the damages for not having a document management system? Loosing important stuff can become an often thing. You can make often choices that are not good that you may not be aware of. Communication gaps can become more often than usual, time and cost overruns as well. There are many good and bad things happening. As you can tell, more often downfalls without having a DMS. We could be a big help to you and make your business does not have these issues. Feel free to give us a call at (630) 428-0099 thank you.

4.0 Release

Our team has been hard at work and we are glad we can present with you PinPoint version 4.0. With this we include very many changes to the system and a mass overhaul of the UI. Bringing easier usability through the system, we are excited for you to get your hands on it. Here are some of the features in 4.0: DOCUMENT HANDLING * Share Documents – users can now share documents to PinPoint users or non-PinPoint users, with the ability to set an expiration date. * New PDF Markup Tool – works with all browsers, not just Internet Explorer. * Proximity Search – allowing the ability to capture information directly from the document without a template. * Finalize Function – the ability to finalize a document so that changes cannot be made. * Remove Hold – user who placed the hold on the document can now remove the hold. * Custom Retention Date – ability to set the specific retention date for an individual document. * Quick Search in Toolbar – added toolbar to search for files by document name from any screen. * Saved Searches – users will be able to save custom searches on the Content Search. ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTION ENHANCEMENTS * New Admin Mode – for admin functions only. * Default Document Tab – ability to set a default document tab for document types. * Default Document Type – ability to set a default document type for cabinets. * Document Type Exclusion – restricts users from adding document types to incorrect folders. * Deleting Folders – administrators can now delete folders in bulk. * Customized Broadcast – ability to set up to 3 different slider messages and links for your login screen. * New Onboarding Feature – to have the system auto-track documents for new hires, etc. […]

Benefits of a Document Management Software

Great Benefits About Having A Document Management Software • Reduced Storage Space. • Enhanced Security. • Improved Regulatory Compliance. • Easier Retrieval. • Better Collaboration. • Better Backup and Disaster Recovery. • And the “Intangibles” Documents, whether electronic or paper, are an essential component of just about any enterprise. Managing business information, sometimes from several sources, can be a challenging task. Depending on the nature of your company, a document management (DMS) solution that captures, stores, and retrieves both paper and electronic documents can provide many key benefits to your organization. Even with your business. DMS has so man great benefits more than you think and saves a lot of time with certain aspects with your work. Proper document management software can bring many benefits to you and your office.