PinPoint Enhancements on Radar | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

Here are the results from the enhancement survey. They are numbered in how they ranked based on your vote, starting with the highest ranked at number 1 The ability to use a customized “indicator word/phrase” instead of BULKMR to indicate a page break when using ARIE Multiple to import files. Simplify the creation and use of retention, including mass selection of a Cabinet or Folder for one retention. Bar code capability. Allow rearrangement of the Cabinet Field Names in Cabinet Setup. Creating Folders on the fly using distribution rules and a predefined template. Simplify syncing email with PinPoint. Simplify moving of documents from one fileroom to another. Simplify the editing of folders within a Cabinet. Ability to have a document in more than one folder without having to duplicate it. Subdividers on the folder level. Ability to retain your selected filter on a search screen. Simplify deleting subdividers within a Cabinet. A universal PDF viewer that doesn’t require either Chrome or Internet Explorer- allowing me to edit/sign PDFs once uploaded to PinPoint. Having more global search capabilities (being able to use any item to search at any time). Having nested folders (subfolders). Being able to use keyboard shortcuts such as “enter”, etc. Reducing the need to scroll to find your place again once you close a pop-up window (e.g. when using Drag and Drop). A preview pane so that when looking at a file in the folder you can see it without having to open it. We will be announcing the new enhancement release dates in an upcoming blog post on our website so be on the look-out!