PinPoint 2.997 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

  2.997 Enhancement List User Icons – added to lists like audit logs, etc. Default User Avatars – for those who have not added their own photo, photos can be in your user profile screen (Click “Welcome xxx” in the top right-hand corner of PinPoint). Scanning support for MS Edge – scan directly¬†using¬†Edge Multiple ARIE Request – this function gives users the ability to request an ARIE process for multiple documents at once. This function can be found in the group FX action menu. Workflow History – located in the FX action menu, found on any search screen, users can look up a complete life cycle report on the document’s workflow history. Document Hold: The Document Hold function is now replacing the Document Finalize function. To place a “Hold” on a document means all users are restricted from making any changes to that document into the “Hold” is lifted. Administrators can also put a “Hold” on all documents last modified by a specific user. Mass ‘Tag’ Function – the ability to assign any of your “Tags” to multiple documents at once. This is a function added to the group FX action menu, located on any search screen. Document Discussion – this will give users a way to communicate/correspond with one another on individual documents. Located in the FX action menu from any search screen.