PinPoint 2.96 Enhancement List

PinPoint 2.96 Enhancements Administrative Changes: Reporting for management and statistical analysis (Library of reports will continue to grow). New Menu bar moved to the top of the screen, to open up space (No more drop down menu on the left). Unknown new station (IP address) will need to pass security question for access. Admin user can remove logically deleted documents and folders. When users file documents into PinPoint, whether manually or through ARIE, you now have the ability to set up Administrative Rules to name the document by using variable naming of files via Document Type setup. Improved Dashboard with matching color skins. New Setup option for administrators to pick and click to create entire new cabinets, document types, and more instantly. Live support Chat built right in for users quick access. Load Folders added to ARIE: take a simple Excel spreadsheet and load into PinPoint as new folders automatically. User Changes: Share will replace the word Export. Launch from file review screen – This way you can launch to perform a quick export right from the view screen. – Launches Native document. New View and File Screen – Allows document view at the same level as the file information, rather than below. Pagination included to view 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, or 250 items on one screen. Ability to set user favorites screens for quick access. Favorite screens to include Favorite Home, Favorite Search, Favorite Filing, and Favorite Dashboard (classic or express). Ability to set Default cabinet, folder, subdivider, and/or document type that documents are filed into. This is very time-saving, as the user can set all of their favorite buttons and even drill-down automatically upon opening. New Express View added with date range, OCR, meta data, and document type search included in one click. Function […]