Moving Toward an EDMS

Moving toward an EDMS can sometimes be intimidating to staff, due to the fact that change can be a difficult issue to deal with. Finding the right vendor that will allow you to work together with an EDMS specialist and build the infrastructure of your system based on your organization’s needs can be one of the most important building blocks in the success of your organization’s EDMS. With PinPoint, you will have someone with you every step of the way. You will be assigned your very own Project Manager who is responsible for training your staff, providing feedback, and assisting to build an infrastructure that accomplishes your business needs. In addition, your project manager is available to answer any questions at any time. With total organization and independence to retrieve, file and submit documents, you will improve cash flow as well as decision-driven staff, enabling a more compliant and efficient organization. PinPoint is playing a vital role in helping companies of all sizes save money and continues to improve productivity by managing the storage, organization and retrieval of relevant information through a simple user interface. PinPoint Document Management: Total Integration: Integration with all other applications Direct importing and exporting of Documents Route documents from your applications directly to our integrated solution without printing and scanning Built-in sweeper application running 24×7 with batch off-hours processing, and OCR over 400 file types XML, MS Access, CSV Importation Automatic search and locate from Other applications  PinPoint integrates with, but is not limited to: Dropbox Salesforce Google Drive OneDrive SharePoint QuickBooks GP Dynamics Adobe Create Suite AutoCAD by Errick Anthony

Make Paperless Make Sense

Paperless Office Software: Make Paperless Make Sense Organizations all over the world have come to realize the fact that paper will always cost them money. Between paper, ink, and other consumables, organizations have always felt that it was an expense that could never be trimmed. Consumable costs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost and expenses of using traditional filing systems. Productivity savers are where organizations such as yours will benefit. There are three tasks all office staff perform, and they are: Creation of information Distribution of information Retrieval of information Statistics show that documents that are created by someone are actually printed an average of 19 times in the document’s lifecycle. The creation of information is mandatory in all organizations and the type of documents created range from all types of formats and information. Distribution of information can be extremely tedious and when distributed incorrectly can cause many problems. Misplaced and lost information accounts for many lost hours and the distribution of incorrect information. Some of the statistics shown here are based on the distribution of information. The average organization: Makes 19 copies of each document Spends $20 in labor filing each document Spends $120 in labor searching for misfiled document Loses 1 out of every 20 documents Spends 25 hrs reproducing each lost document Spends up to $25k to fill and maintain a 4 drawer file cabinet by Errick Anthony

Built-In Productivity Tools – eDrawer

As alarming as some of these numbers are, the fact that most expenses that can be recovered by the use of a Document Management System is based on retrieval. Retrieval of information by office staff can take an average of 7 minutes to retrieve. Statistics also show that that type of staff member retrieve information 4 times an hour. That accounts for over 40% of their day. eDrawer is inexpensive document management software that will meet the needs of your company. Average totals of lost or unproductive time equates to as much as 70% for each staff member. Documents now take seconds to retrieve and lost or misplaced documents are not possible in the Document Management Repository of eDrawer. Here is the basic ROI for a 5 user system: Based on 5 users at an average salary of $35,000 annually, equates to $14,583 per month for all 5 staff (not including taxes) 40% of retrieval time is recovered by the use of eDrawer for your staff. So the savings for this alone is $5,833 per month.* Distribution of information is calculated at 20% of the work day. This savings equates to $2,916 per month.* Misplaced, not available at certain times, or lost information equates to 5% or a savings of $729 per month.* This is NOT taking consumable costs into account. Using eDrawer’s Smart Scan Technology, the system can take today’s mail for example and file it by scanning in a big stack of different documents into the right location automatically. eDrawer files all email, reports, faxes, electronic files, and any files, not just paper. Savings from this 5 user example is $9,478 a month, and your staff can do other things to help you organization, rather than these tedious tasks. *Based on statistics from The Gartner Group. by Errick Anthony