Make Going Paperless a Top Priority

As a top priority, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with what you are getting. Some of the main things you want to look for in a Document Management System are as follows: Security Control Integration Complete Document Control and Management Version Control OCR Automation PinPoint allows you to set security rights at the Cabinet (folder) and Document levels. You can give different users certain access to folders and documents based on their role. PinPoint also integrates with all Microsoft Office products, as wells as with Active Directory.This makes it easy for you to integrate PinPoint with the programs you already use. You can access everything in your database from any location using any device, all based on the security you, as the user, have. You also have the ability to add versions of documents, and have the option of replacing the original or saving multiple versions. There is a built in comments & mark-up tool that allows you to add/edit documents using items such as sticky notes, labels, highlights, and electronic signatures. You have the ability to run from your own server, as our platform runs on Microsoft SQL 2008 or greater. As for Automatic Archiving, PinPoint has a built-in Archive engine and has the ability to set workflows and retentions on specific documents. With a built-in OCR engine, you can split and merge documents, even file directly from your network scanners. PinPoint’s automatic sweeper application (ARIE) allows you to file documents automatically, based on either the content of a document, or from the metadata you have selected. by Errick Anthony


How Does PinPoint Help My Business?

Through Pinpoint, your company will have the ability to define fields and types of documents, even change screen field names without programming to match your organizational procedures. PinPoint also supports multiple languages for a multi-lingual organization. Allow clients to view only what you allow them to or do not allow any outside access, it is all defined by your organization. Built-in mail merge with our word processor allows quick and mass emails, filing into our database, or printing paper or electronic files. PinPoint is easy to use and easy to set up with full security settings and rights, with content, version, workflow, retention and forms management all built-in. Built-in Multi-Document processing in batches to file automatically.With total organization and independence to retrieve, file and submit documents and files will improve cash flow as well as decision-driven staff, enabling a compliant and efficient organization. Our business solutions are playing a vital role in helping companies of all sizes save money and continues to improve productivity by managing the storage, organization and retrieval of relevant information through a simple desktop interface. PinPoint Includes: We remote in and install the application (unless you would rather) A “Core Business” kick-off meeting so your assigned project manager can set up the “Skeleton” system the way you want it. (You can also do this yourself, but normally we will load this infrastructure based on what comes out of the “Kick-Off” meeting) Training – 3 classes (about 1 hour each) Administration – This is where you will see the layout the way you have requested, and at that point from then on, you can add, change, or delete whatever you would like. A.R.I.E. – This is also an administrative class, and trains you on how to set up the business rules, allowing the system to file documents and […]

eDrawer: Document Management Solution

eDrawer is Available Starting at $199

While PinPoint offers a robust enterprise solution that allows for access to your documents and data from anywhere, eDrawer offers many of the same features at a lower cost for businesses that are looking for a document management solution that operates from within their own company network. eDrawer operates by housing files on your company’s server (or on a drive that can be shared to others on the network), with access to the system available to anyone on the network with the client software installed. User and group security will allow for those who need access to certain files instant access to the information they need, while others who do not need such access restrictions or no access at all. With your eDrawer purchase, you will receive: One full year of ticket support One full year of software updates The ability to file any document from a computer or scanner Self-paced video training that can be viewed by anyone in your company An optional add-on component, Optical Character Recognition for eDrawer, adds the following features: Recognize text from scanned documents File documents automatically With prices as low as $199, eDrawer is an extremely affordable, cost-effective solution that will help you keep your business organized as well as save you both time and money. For more on eDrawer, visit by Pat Caruso

Pinpoint: Paperless Office Solution

Go Paperless with PinPoint

Why Go Paperless? The Numbers Don’t Lie Your business is busier than ever. However, though business is busy, this does not mean that your business is as profitable as it could be. In fact, maybe profits are even less than you had projected. In order to resolve this issue and become more profitable, you can implement a Document Management System that will help you not only organize your crucial documents, but will also save you both time and money on labor costs. On top of that, imagine the environmental benefit of using little to no paper at all. Crunching the Numbers The average office spends up to $20 on labor filing or retrieving a document(s). The average office spends up to $120 in labor finding a mis-filed document(s). The average office spends up to $250 in labor recreating lost documents. 7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get mis-filed. The average business document is copied 19 times – Over 81 billion sheets of paper are copied each month. There are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone – growing at a rate of 22% per year. U.S. Banks have over 16 billion paper documents on file, growing at a rate of 4% per year – 80% of the documents are suitable for imaging. Over $5 billion each year is wasted on printed materials that become obsolete before they are ever used. For every 10 printed pages, only 1 is ever consulted. Only 10% of corporate information lies in structured databases. The remaining 90% – often critical to business processes – lies unmanaged in chaotic file system structures. According to recent studies, professionals spend 5 to 15% of their time reading information, and up to 50% of their time just trying to locate the information According to […]

What Can Document Management Do For Your Company?

What is Document Management? Retrieving and managing your data quickly is crucial to maintaining a productive business. The key is finding a flexible, easy to use central repository system that will help you organize and eliminate the clutter within your office. A document management system ensures that your documents and files are organized into folders that can be easily retrieved and accessed, depending on the specific rights (securities) you have set for your users. PinPoint stores and archives scanned documents, images and all other files. These files can be retrieved using full content searches, as well as using the metadata content you have created for your folders. Users with the given rights can search and locate any document from any location and perform any notifications that were assigned to them for a specific document. Less time is spent searching for documents and less effort is spent filing documents, as the whole process becomes automatic. Employees and workers may need to share information while performing various tasks. Using PinPoint , your documents and files become easily accessible across the globe. As a web-based application, the flow of information can be accessed by any user you give the rights to. You and your staff can share information and collaborate using any type of device. Saving money on labor and reducing the amount of storage space are two of the biggest benefits of investing in a document management system. By maintaining your paper records in an electronic form, you and your staff will have easy access to all of your important information with only a click of the button. Because minor mistakes can make business operations difficult, having an electronic central repository system to back your files up can be the very tool that keeps your business running at a highly complaint level. […]