2.985 Enhancements/ Upcoming Enhancements

 PinPoint 2.985


  • Variable naming by document metadata fields
  • Workflow business rule added to distribution rules for routing special workflows
  • ARIE Direct can have a template selection for capturing content for document metadata fields
  • Expand / Collapse of document view, on the File/Review screen
  • Encrypted emails
  • New menu selection to see what is in the ARIE queue
  • Compare document report
  • New Skins and icons, including Cupertino and Redmond

Bug Fixes:

  • Being able to add documents properly with security settings
  • Fixed profile favorites and add document screen issue w/ PDFXViewer
  • Remove special characters or rename file entirely if illegal characters exist
  • Recover document issue resolved

Next Release – Target Date 12-31-15

  • Text message with External Link
    • Via SMS
    • Send Text
    • Text Workflow with an External Link
  • Expiration date for External Link
  • Drag and drop documents on most screens to quickly file documents
    • Optionally select a template for it to process the metadata if selected
  • Load LDAP
  • New easier validation for application
  • Group workflow
  • Integration
    • Sales force
    • QuickBooks – Even create invoices from us to QB
    • New API
  • “NOT” logic for distribution rules
  • Dynamic sub-divider – create new ones unique and on-the-fly.
  • Emoji’s in New Voting option
  • Logical Filtering – Numeric
  • Pull metadata from PDF forms

Release BlackHawk – 2Q 2016

  • Complete CRM built-in with notices, calendars, To-do, newsfeeds, opportunities, contacts…..

Release BlackHawk 2 – TBD

  • Sorting
  • Private, personal and default folders show together
  • Proximity search and Populate
  • Bar code
  • OMR
  • ICR
  • Document in multiple folders – references

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One thought on “2.985 Enhancements/ Upcoming Enhancements

  1. Yes, absolutely!

    PinPoint has a Google Translate tool built directly into the system. Users can simply choose the language interface they want, and the system will translate all text into that specified language.

    Thank you very much for your comment!

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