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PinPoint, an Electronic Document Management Solution, can help any office go entirely paperless. Gain easier access to documents, save time, money and space, and put into place better environmental practices.

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Electronic Document Management Solutions

PinPoint: Document Management SolutionPinPoint

Named the Best Document Management software for 2017 by Business News Daily

Great User Experience Award for 2017 from FinancesOnline

Rising Star Award for 2016 from FinancesOnline

LSSP Corporation enjoys over 16 years in the Document Management Business serving over 25,000 users world-wide. In 2006, LSSP began developing our Web-Based solution called PinPoint. PinPoint can be accessed from any location in the world, including from iPhones, iPads, Android, MAC and other tablet devices. Users can scan directly from IE (Internet Explorer), Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Safari. Through Pinpoint, your company will have the ability to define fields and types of documents, even change screen field names without programming to match your organizational procedures. PinPoint also supports multiple languages for a multi-lingual organization.

With total organization and independence to retrieve, file and submit documents, you will improve cash flow as well as decision-driven staff, enabling a more compliant and efficient working environment. PinPoint is playing a vital role in helping companies of all sizes save money and continues to improve productivity by managing the storage, organization and retrieval of relevant information through a simple user interface. The PinPoint database is an MS SQL database, supplied with a Web API, and follows certification specifications with DOD, HIPAA, OSHA, SOX, FACTA, FDA, SEC, and compliance is supported and updated as the rulings are updated or changed. PinPoint is easy to use and easy to set up with full security settings and rights, with content, version, workflow, retention and forms management all built-in. Built-in Multi-Document processing in batches to file automatically as well.

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